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Cranbrook Art Museum in the News
Nick Cave

Photo by PD Rearick
June 8, 2015

2. Nick Cave: Here Hear
Cranbrook Art Museum
June 20 – October 11, 2015

As buzz about Detroit becoming one of the centers of contemporary art production in the United States heightens, so does focus on its exhibitions. This may explain why rather than staging a quiet show this summer, the Cranbrook Art Museum, located in a suburb of Detroit, is making a bold statement with “Here Hear,” a solo exhibition by Nick Cave. It includes programming not only at the museum itself, but also happenings throughout the city. Best known for his Soundsuits, which are wearable sculptures made out of colorful, often flamboyant materials such as feathers, knit flowers and sequins, Cave also creates a wide variety of videos and static works. Trained as dancer at Alvin Ailey, he is deliciously aware of how the body moves — and how it can be transformed to a vessel in which a person contained can be set free. “Up Right: Detroit,” for example, will be an ongoing performance staged in collaboration with the Ruth Ellis Center, a nonprofit working with LGBTQ youth and young adults in Metro Detroit. And “Heard•Detroit,” held on September 26, will feature 60 high-school dancers clad in life-size horse costumes, parading down the Detroit riverfront. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to visit Detroit, here’s your opportunity.

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