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The Truth Booth

Inside the "Truth Booth," people can record their truths. PHOTO COURTESY OF CAUSE COLLECTIVE.
July 29, 2016

Our conversation with Laura Mott and Will Sylvester.

It’s been a noisy couple of weeks with the political conventions. Speeches. Shouting. Protestors. In fact, it’s been a loud, noisy, campaign season that’s left our country angry and fractured.

However, a lot of voices and viewpoints haven’t been heard, and a contemporary art project called “The Truth Booth” is giving people the opportunity to be heard.

It all starts this Sunday in Bloomfield Hills, when the Cranbrook Art Museum will launch the Southeast Michigan leg of the public artwork tour, entitled In Search of the Truth (The Truth Booth).

The Truth Booth is a 14-foot-tall, 26-foot-wide inflatable speech bubble you can walk into and find a video recording interface. There, you are asked to finish the statement “The truth is …”

In the end, the videos will be compiled into a massive exhibition by Cause Collective, the group behind this project.

Listen to the full interview above with Laura Mott, the curator of Contemporary Art and Design at the Cranbrook Art Museum and Will Sylvester an artist with Cause Collective. The two of them talk about the project, what inspired it, and the wide-ranging things that people are saying once they are inside the Truth Booth.

GUESTS: Laura Mott is the curator of Contemporary Art and Design at the Cranbrook Art Museum
Will Sylvester is an artist with Cause Collective.

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