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The Truth Booth

August 10, 2016

FLINT, Mich. — The Truth Booth has landed in Flint.

It’s an inflatable video recording booth, in the shape of a large speech bubble. You head inside, pin on a microphone, push record, and then speak your truth.

Yes it’s art. That’s what organizers say.

A Flint woman, Jamzetta Edelen, says she spoke about her hope that investors would bring back Flint.

It offers residents a unique opportunity to share their beliefs, their fears, their experiences. It’s all to be used to create a 60 foot wide video installation that will be part of an exhibition at Cranbrook Art Museum and in Flint in the fall.

It was brought here by the Mott-Warsh Collection and the Cranbrook Art Museum.

It’s touring the country right now, and will stop for 3 days in Flint. Today it was at the Hispanic Tech Center on Lewis Street on Flint’s east side. On Thursday it will be at Hasselbring Community Center. Then Friday at Flint’s newest art gallery, the MW gallery on Saginaw Street downtown.

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