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Cranbrook Art Museum’s collections document outstanding examples of art, architecture, craft, and design from the 20th and 21st centuries, with a special interest in recognizing the history and innovations of Cranbrook and the achievements of its artists. Browse 125 highlights from our holdings of nearly 6,000 objects below.

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Roy Lichtenstein

Modular Painting with Four Panels, No. 7 from the Modern Series, 1970

Cheryl Ann Thomas

Threesome – Relics 229-231, 2010

Toshiko Takaezu

Double-Spouted Vase, 1958

Pipsan Saarinen Swanson

Four Glasses: Champagne Glass, Water Goblet, Sherbet Glass and Wine Glass, 1946

Eliel Saarinen

Cranbrook Map Tapestry, 1935

Donald Judd

Untitled, 1972

Ruth Adler Schnee

A Selection of Printed Drapery Fabrics, 1950

Eliel Saarinen

Saarinen House Dining Room, 1928

James Surls

Long Distance, 1987

Carl Milles

Sketch for Orpheus, 1926

Eliel Saarinen

Study for the Chicago Lakefront Project: Perspective of the Chicago Tower, 1923

Doris Lee

Fisherman’s Wife, 1945

George Nelson

MAA Swaged Leg Lounge Chair, 1958

Harry Bertoia

Coffee and Tea Service, 1940

Louise Nevelson

Black Zag I, 1968

David Gresham and Martin Thaler

View-Master 50th Anniversary Slide Viewer, 1986

Joseph Hirsch

Deposition, 1967

Andy Warhol

Electric Chair, 1971

Duane Hanson

Bodybuilder, 1989

Victor Vasarely

Toll (from the Permutations Series), 1965

Joan Mitchell

Preface for Chris, 1973

Philip Pearlstein

Female Model Reclining on Red and Black American Bedspread, 1976

Käthe Kollwitz

The Mothers (Die Mütter), 1922

Anne Wilson

Bull’s Roar, 1986

Jean Dubuffet

Promenade à deux, 1974

Peter Voulkos

Storage Jar, 1952

Robert Rauschenberg

Moon Burn (Scale Series), 1977

Myra Mimlitsch-Gray

Candelabrum, Seven Fragments, 2002

Paul Jenkins

Phenomena Veil Over & Under, 1964

Willem de Kooning

Cross-Legged Figure (previously published as Floating Figure), 1972

Eli Harvey

Recumbent Lioness, 1904

Ralph Rapson

Rocking Chair, 1940

Jack Lenor Larsen and Win Andersen

Magnum (Upholstery and Wallcovering Fabric), 1970

Catherine Murphy

Nighttime Self-Portrait, 1985

Jo Baer

Untitled, 1969

Tony Matelli

The Hunter, 2002

Barbara Hepworth

Square Forms, 1962

Albert Herter

The Great Crusade, 1920

Moon-Joo Lee

Landscape of Residue, 2003

Eero Saarinen

Pedestal or Tulip Side Chair, 1955

Donald Lipski

Building Steam No. 121, 1983

Marianne Strengell

Throw Blanket, 1950

Sam Francis

Untitled, 1985

Amy Yoes

Hands Off, She’s Mine, 2001

Eric Gill

Alms Dish, 1930

Carroll Barnes

Paul Bunyan, 1938

Eero Saarinen

Model for Dulles International Airport Terminal Building, 1960

Katherine McCoy

The Graduate Program in Design, 1989

Robert Rauschenberg

Moon Burn (Scale Series), 1977

Paul Manship

Pair of Candelabra (Venus and Vulcan and Adam and Eve), 1916

Charles and Ray Eames

FSW (Folding Screen-Wood), 1946

Zoltan Sepeshy

Study for The Scientist, Artist and Farmer Mural, Rackham Building, Detroit, Michigan, 1941

Wilhelm Rupprecht

Twenty-Four Scenes from the Book of Genesis, 1923

John Coplans

Self Portrait (Back and Hands), 1984

Raphael Soyer

The Mission, 1933

Marshall Fredericks

Torso of a Dancer, 1938

Larry Poons

Wildcat Arrival, 1967

Eliel Saarinen

Cranbrook School for Boys, Aerial Perspective, 1926

Jim Dine

The Heart at Sea (in a Non-Secular Way), 1981

Graham Marks

Untitled Vessel, 1991

Charles and Ray Eames

ESU (Eames Storage Units), 1941

Tom Wesselmann

Smoker #18, 1975

Wallace Mitchell

Double Pennants, 1949

Jack Keijo Steele

Soldiers in New Guinea, 1944

Loja Saarinen and Eliel Saarinen

Study for the Festival of the May Queen Tapestry, 1932

Andy Warhol

Karen Kain, 1980

May Morris

Bed-Hangings (Two Curtains), 1917

Claes Oldenburg

Clothespin-Four Foot Version, 1974

Carl Milles

Jonah and the Whale Fountain, 1931

Eero Saarinen

Drawings for Furniture Designs for Kingswood School Cranbrook, 1930

Jean Arp

Seuil aux creneaux végétaux, 1959

Dorothea Rockburne

Arena III (from the Arena Series), 1978

Eliel Saarinen

Tea Urn and Tray, 1934

Richard Anuszkiewicz

Magenta Squared (271), 1969

Alfred Jensen

Atlantis, Per II, 1965

Ed Rossbach

Ceremonial Vessel with Shells, 1991

Andy Warhol

Edson-Pelé (from 10 Portraits of Athletes), 1977

Gertrud and Otto Natzler

Tall Double-Curved Bottle with Lip, 1963

Kenneth Noland

Burnt Beige, 1975

Zoltan Sepeshy

Rock Garden, 1955

Zoltan Sepeshy

Sunday Afternoon-The Family, 1944

Daniel Libeskind

Plate I (of the Vertical Series) for the folio Chamber Works: Architectural Meditations on Themes from Heraclitus, 1983

Toshiko Takaezu

Early Spring, 2000

Eliel Saarinen and Walter von Nessen

Kingswood School Cranbrook Dining Hall Torchère, 1928

Sonya Clark

Twenty-one, 1998

Marilyn Minter

Green Pink Caviar, 2009

Adelaide Alsop Robineau

A Collection of Thirty-Four Vases and Jars, 1909

Kara Walker

Keys to the Coop, 1997

Wharton Esherick

Spiral Three-Step Ladder, 1966

Josef Albers

Homage to the Square: “Festive”, 1967

Michael McCoy

Door Chair Prototype, 1981

Jules Olitski

Darkness Spread-9, 1973

William Morris

A Collection of Seventy-Two Wallpaper Samples, 1932

Harry Bertoia

Untitled (Sound Sculpture), 1975

Frank Stella

Takht-i-Sulayman Variation I (from the Protractor Series), 1969

Harry Bertoia

Untitled (Wall Sculpture), 1958

Nicholas Krushenick

The Battle of Bull Run, 1963

Lucienne Day

Calyx (Drapery Fabric), 1951

John Kirchmayer

Reading Desk and Bench, 1919