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Cranbrook Art Museum’s collections document outstanding examples of art, architecture, craft, and design from the 20th and 21st centuries, with a special interest in recognizing the history and innovations of Cranbrook and the achievements of its artists. Browse 125 highlights from our holdings of nearly 6,000 objects below.

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Sculpture 1980s

Duane Hanson

Bodybuilder, 1989 – Read More
Glassware 1940s

Pipsan Saarinen Swanson

Four Glasses: Champagne Glass, Water Goblet, Sherbet Glass and Wine Glass, 1946 – Read More
Sculpture 1970s

Donald Judd

Untitled, 1972 – Read More
Sculpture 1970s

Robert Rauschenberg

Moon Burn (Scale Series), 1977 – Read More
Furniture Sculpture 2010s

Jay Sae Jung Oh

Savage Chair, 2011 – Read More
Paintings 1960s

Larry Poons

Wildcat Arrival, 1967 – Read More
Ceramics Sculpture 1980s

Jun Kaneko

Plate, 1982 – Read More
Sculpture 1930s

Carroll Barnes

Paul Bunyan, 1938 – Read More
Drawings 1950s

Alberto Giacometti

Head of Man, 1955 – Read More
Paintings 1970s

Jean Dubuffet

Promenade à deux, 1974 – Read More
Ceramics 2000s

Toshiko Takaezu

Early Spring, 2000 – Read More
Ceramics 1900s 1910s 1920s

Adelaide Alsop Robineau

A Collection of Thirty-Four Vases and Jars, 1909 – Read More
Furniture 1940s 1950s

Charles and Ray Eames

FSW (Folding Screen-Wood), 1946 – Read More
Paintings 1940s

Zoltan Sepeshy

Sunday Afternoon-The Family, 1944 – Read More
Paintings 1970s

Robert Motherwell

Red Open #3, 1973 – Read More
Paintings 1980s

Catherine Murphy

Nighttime Self-Portrait, 1985 – Read More
Sculpture 1990s

Sonya Clark

Twenty-one, 1998 – Read More
Prints 1920s

Käthe Kollwitz

The Mothers (Die Mütter), 1922 – Read More
Sculpture 1970s

Willem de Kooning

Cross-Legged Figure (previously published as Floating Figure), 1972 – Read More
Paintings 1940s

Wallace Mitchell

Double Pennants, 1949 – Read More
Metalworks 1940s

Harry Bertoia

Coffee and Tea Service, 1940 – Read More
Paintings 1960s

Joseph Hirsch

Deposition, 1967 – Read More
Sculpture 1930s

Carl Milles

Jonah and the Whale Fountain, 1931 – Read More
Sculpture 1950s

Jean Arp

Seuil aux creneaux végétaux, 1959 – Read More
Textiles 1950s

Marianne Strengell

Throw Blanket, 1950 – Read More
Furniture 1910s

John Kirchmayer

Reading Desk and Bench, 1919 – Read More
Ceramics 1950s

Peter Voulkos

Storage Jar, 1952 – Read More
Sculpture 1970s

Robert Rauschenberg

Moon Burn (Scale Series), 1977 – Read More
Textiles Wallpaper 1970s

Jack Lenor Larsen and Win Andersen

Magnum (Upholstery and Wallcovering Fabric), 1970 – Read More
Sculpture 1960s

Louise Nevelson

Black Zag I, 1968 – Read More
Metalworks 1930s 1940s

J. Robert F. Swanson

Candelabrum, 1935 – Read More
Paintings 1980s

Jim Dine

The Heart at Sea (in a Non-Secular Way), 1981 – Read More
Paintings 2000s

Moon-Joo Lee

Landscape of Residue, 2003 – Read More
Ceramics 1990s

Graham Marks

Untitled Vessel, 1991 – Read More
Textiles 1940s

Ruth Adler Schnee

A Selection of Printed Drapery Fabrics, 1950 – Read More
Metalworks 1980s

Chunghi Choo

Decanter, 1980 – Read More
Prints 1980s

Daniel Libeskind

Plate I (of the Vertical Series) for the folio Chamber Works: Architectural Meditations on Themes from Heraclitus, 1983 – Read More
Sculpture 1990s

Ed Rossbach

Ceremonial Vessel with Shells, 1991 – Read More
Ceramics 1940s

Maija Grotell

Vase, 1940 – Read More
Ceramics 1950s

Toshiko Takaezu

Double-Spouted Vase, 1958 – Read More
Product Design 1980s

David Gresham and Martin Thaler

View-Master 50th Anniversary Slide Viewer, 1986 – Read More
Paintings 1970s

Jules Olitski

Darkness Spread-9, 1973 – Read More
Furniture 1950s

Eero Saarinen

Pedestal or Tulip Side Chair, 1955 – Read More
Metalworks 2000s

Myra Mimlitsch-Gray

Candelabrum, Seven Fragments, 2002 – Read More
Architecture Drawings 1920s

Eliel Saarinen

Cranbrook School for Boys, Aerial Perspective, 1926 – Read More
Sculpture 1980s

James Surls

Long Distance, 1987 – Read More
Paintings 1970s

Philip Pearlstein

Female Model Reclining on Red and Black American Bedspread, 1976 – Read More
Ceramics 1940s

Maija Grotell

Vase, 1942 – Read More
Ceramics 1950s
Paintings 1970s

Tom Wesselmann

Smoker #18, 1975 – Read More
Paintings 1970s

Agnes Martin

Untitled, 1974 – Read More
Textiles 1910s

May Morris

Bed-Hangings (Two Curtains), 1917 – Read More
Prints 1930s

Raphael Soyer

The Mission, 1933 – Read More
Stained Glass 1920s

Wilhelm Rupprecht

Twenty-Four Scenes from the Book of Genesis, 1923 – Read More
Paintings 1980s

Sam Francis

Untitled, 1985 – Read More
Textiles 1930s

Loja Saarinen and Eliel Saarinen

Study for the Festival of the May Queen Tapestry, 1932 – Read More
Textiles 1920s

Albert Herter

The Great Crusade, 1920 – Read More
Prints 1990s

Kara Walker

Keys to the Coop, 1997 – Read More
Metalworks 1910s

Paul Manship

Pair of Candelabra (Venus and Vulcan and Adam and Eve), 1916 – Read More
Paintings 1970s

Jo Baer

Untitled, 1969 – Read More
Paintings 1960s

Paul Jenkins

Phenomena Veil Over & Under, 1964 – Read More
Sculpture 1970s

Anthony Caro

Coda, 1971 – Read More
Prints 1980s

Andy Warhol

Karen Kain, 1980 – Read More
Paintings 1910s

Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh

The Three Perfumes, 1912 – Read More
Paintings 1940s

Bradley Walker Tomlin

Music Rack, 1944 – Read More
Sculpture Textiles 1980s

Anne Wilson

Bull's Roar, 1986 – Read More
Paintings 1960s

Nicholas Krushenick

The Battle of Bull Run, 1963 – Read More
Metalworks 1930s

Eliel Saarinen

Tea Urn and Tray, 1934 – Read More
Paintings 1960s

Josef Albers

Homage to the Square: "Festive", 1967 – Read More
Furniture 1940s

Ralph Rapson

Rocking Chair, 1940 – Read More
Sculpture 1990s

Barbara Cooper

Spiritus, 1990 – Read More
Paintings 1970s

Kenneth Noland

Burnt Beige, 1975 – Read More
Paintings 2000s

Amy Yoes

Hands Off, She's Mine, 2001 – Read More
Drawings Furniture 1930s

Eero Saarinen

Drawings for Furniture Designs for Kingswood School Cranbrook, 1930 – Read More
Graphic Design 1980s

Katherine McCoy

The Graduate Program in Design, 1989 – Read More
Architecture Furniture 1920s 1930s

Eliel Saarinen

Saarinen House Dining Room, 1928 – Read More
Ceramics 1960s

Gertrud and Otto Natzler

Tall Double-Curved Bottle with Lip, 1963 – Read More
Furniture 1940s 1950s

Charles and Ray Eames

ESU (Eames Storage Units), 1941 – Read More
Paintings 1960s

Alfred Jensen

Atlantis, Per II, 1965 – Read More
Furniture 1940s
Paintings 1970s

Roy Lichtenstein

Modular Painting with Four Panels, No. 7 from the Modern Series, 1970 – Read More
Paintings 1960s

Victor Vasarely

Toll (from the Permutations Series), 1965 – Read More
Metalworks 1940s

Arthur Nevill Kirk

Triptych, 1940 – Read More
Textiles 1930s

Eliel Saarinen

Cranbrook Map Tapestry, 1935 – Read More
Metalworks Sculpture 1920s

Carl Milles

Sketch for Orpheus, 1926 – Read More
Paintings Prints 1970s

Andy Warhol

Electric Chair, 1971 – Read More
Paintings 1940s

Doris Lee

Fisherman's Wife, 1945 – Read More
Ceramics 1920s

Emile Lenoble

Vase, 1928 – Read More
Sculpture 1900s

Eli Harvey

Recumbent Lioness, 1904 – Read More
Paintings 1950s

Zoltan Sepeshy

Rock Garden, 1955 – Read More
Architecture Drawings 1920s

Eliel Saarinen

Study for the Chicago Lakefront Project: Perspective of the Chicago Tower, 1923 – Read More
Textiles 1920s
Wallpaper 1880s 1890s

William Morris

A Collection of Seventy-Two Wallpaper Samples, 1932 – Read More
Architecture 1960s

Eero Saarinen

Model for Dulles International Airport Terminal Building, 1960 – Read More
Furniture 1980s

Michael McCoy

Door Chair Prototype, 1981 – Read More
Ceramics 1980s

Richard DeVore

Vessel, 1981 – Read More
Textiles 1950s

Lucienne Day

Calyx (Drapery Fabric), 1951 – Read More
Paintings 1940s

Zoltan Sepeshy

Study for The Scientist, Artist and Farmer Mural, Rackham Building, Detroit, Michigan, 1941 – Read More
Metalworks Sculpture 1950s

Harry Bertoia

Untitled (Wall Sculpture), 1958 – Read More
Sculpture 1970s

Harry Bertoia

Untitled (Sound Sculpture), 1975 – Read More
Paintings Prints 1970s

Andy Warhol

Edson-Pelé (from 10 Portraits of Athletes), 1977 – Read More
Sculpture 1970s

Claes Oldenburg

Clothespin-Four Foot Version, 1974 – Read More
Metalworks 1930s

Eric Gill

Alms Dish, 1930 – Read More
Furniture Metalworks 1920s 1930s

Eliel Saarinen and Walter von Nessen

Kingswood School Cranbrook Dining Hall Torchère, 1928 – Read More
Sculpture 2010s

Cheryl Ann Thomas

Threesome – Relics 229-231, 2010 – Read More
Drawings 1960s

Saul Steinberg

Speech 2, 1969 – Read More
Ceramics Sculpture 1930s

Waylande Gregory

Water, 1938 – Read More
Sculpture 1930s

Marshall Fredericks

Torso of a Dancer, 1938 – Read More
Paintings 1970s

Joan Mitchell

Preface for Chris, 1973 – Read More
Sculpture 1960s

Barbara Hepworth

Square Forms, 1962 – Read More
Sculpture 1990s

Tony Matelli

The Hunter, 2002 – Read More
Photography 1980s

John Coplans

Self Portrait (Back and Hands), 1984 – Read More
Films / Videos 2000s

Marilyn Minter

Green Pink Caviar, 2009 – Read More
Furniture 1940s
Furniture 1950s 1960s

George Nelson

MAA Swaged Leg Lounge Chair, 1958 – Read More
Ceramics 1940s

Maija Grotell

Vase, 1943 – Read More
Drawings 1970s

Dorothea Rockburne

Arena III (from the Arena Series), 1978 – Read More
Sculpture 1980s

Donald Lipski

Building Steam No. 121, 1983 – Read More
Furniture 1960s

Wharton Esherick

Spiral Three-Step Ladder, 1966 – Read More
Paintings 1960s

Richard Anuszkiewicz

Magenta Squared (271), 1969 – Read More
Paintings 1940s

Jack Keijo Steele

Soldiers in New Guinea, 1944 – Read More
Sculpture 1970s

William King

The Pair, 1970 – Read More