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Sculpture 1950s

Jean Arp

Seuil aux creneaux végétaux, 1959
Sculpture 1970s

Robert Rauschenberg

Moon Burn (Scale Series), 1977
Sculpture 1970s

Claes Oldenburg

Clothespin-Four Foot Version, 1974
Sculpture 1960s

Barbara Hepworth

Square Forms, 1962
Sculpture 1970s

William King

The Pair, 1970
Sculpture 1970s

Anthony Caro

Coda, 1971
Sculpture 2010s

Cheryl Ann Thomas

Threesome – Relics 229-231, 2010
Sculpture 1990s

Sonya Clark

Twenty-one, 1998
Sculpture 1990s

Ed Rossbach

Ceremonial Vessel with Shells, 1991
Sculpture 1990s

Barbara Cooper

Spiritus, 1990
New Spring Hours