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Metalworks Sculpture 1920s

Carl Milles

Sketch for Orpheus, 1926
Architecture Furniture 1920s 1930s

Eliel Saarinen

Saarinen House Dining Room, 1928
Prints 1920s

Käthe Kollwitz

The Mothers (Die Mütter), 1922
Architecture Drawings 1920s

Eliel Saarinen

Study for the Chicago Lakefront Project: Perspective of the Chicago Tower, 1923
Architecture Drawings 1920s

Eliel Saarinen

Cranbrook School for Boys, Aerial Perspective, 1926
Ceramics 1920s

Emile Lenoble

Vase, 1928
Furniture Metalworks 1920s 1930s

Eliel Saarinen and Walter von Nessen

Kingswood School Cranbrook Dining Hall Torchère, 1928
Textiles 1920s
Ceramics 1900s 1910s 1920s

Adelaide Alsop Robineau

A Collection of Thirty-Four Vases and Jars, 1909
Textiles 1920s

Albert Herter

The Great Crusade, 1920
New Spring Hours