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Textiles 1930s

Eliel Saarinen

Cranbrook Map Tapestry, 1935 – Read More
Sculpture 1930s

Carl Milles

Jonah and the Whale Fountain, 1931 – Read More
Prints 1930s

Raphael Soyer

The Mission, 1933 – Read More
Sculpture 1930s

Marshall Fredericks

Torso of a Dancer, 1938 – Read More
Architecture Furniture 1920s 1930s

Eliel Saarinen

Saarinen House Dining Room, 1928 – Read More
Drawings Furniture 1930s

Eero Saarinen

Drawings for Furniture Designs for Kingswood School Cranbrook, 1930 – Read More
Textiles 1930s

Loja Saarinen and Eliel Saarinen

Study for the Festival of the May Queen Tapestry, 1932 – Read More
Furniture Metalworks 1920s 1930s

Eliel Saarinen and Walter von Nessen

Kingswood School Cranbrook Dining Hall Torchère, 1928 – Read More
Metalworks 1930s 1940s

J. Robert F. Swanson

Candelabrum, 1935 – Read More
Sculpture 1930s

Carroll Barnes

Paul Bunyan, 1938 – Read More