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Textiles 1930s

Eliel Saarinen

Cranbrook Map Tapestry, 1935
Sculpture 1930s

Carl Milles

Jonah and the Whale Fountain, 1931
Prints 1930s

Raphael Soyer

The Mission, 1933
Sculpture 1930s

Marshall Fredericks

Torso of a Dancer, 1938
Architecture Furniture 1920s 1930s

Eliel Saarinen

Saarinen House Dining Room, 1928
Drawings Furniture 1930s

Eero Saarinen

Drawings for Furniture Designs for Kingswood School Cranbrook, 1930
Textiles 1930s

Loja Saarinen and Eliel Saarinen

Study for the Festival of the May Queen Tapestry, 1932
Furniture Metalworks 1920s 1930s

Eliel Saarinen and Walter von Nessen

Kingswood School Cranbrook Dining Hall Torchère, 1928
Metalworks 1930s 1940s

J. Robert F. Swanson

Candelabrum, 1935
Sculpture 1930s

Carroll Barnes

Paul Bunyan, 1938
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