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Sculpture 1950s

Jean Arp

Seuil aux creneaux végétaux, 1959
Paintings 1950s

Zoltan Sepeshy

Rock Garden, 1955
Drawings 1950s

Alberto Giacometti

Head of Man, 1955
Metalworks Sculpture 1950s

Harry Bertoia

Untitled (Wall Sculpture), 1958
Ceramics 1950s

Toshiko Takaezu

Double-Spouted Vase, 1958
Furniture 1950s 1960s

George Nelson

MAA Swaged Leg Lounge Chair, 1958
Furniture 1950s

Eero Saarinen

Pedestal or Tulip Side Chair, 1955
Ceramics 1950s
Ceramics 1950s

Peter Voulkos

Storage Jar, 1952
Textiles 1950s

Lucienne Day

Calyx (Drapery Fabric), 1951