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Paintings 1960s

Richard Anuszkiewicz

Magenta Squared (271), 1969
Paintings 1960s

Paul Jenkins

Phenomena Veil Over & Under, 1964
Drawings 1960s

Saul Steinberg

Speech 2, 1969
Sculpture 1960s

Barbara Hepworth

Square Forms, 1962
Paintings 1960s

Joseph Hirsch

Deposition, 1967
Paintings 1960s

Larry Poons

Wildcat Arrival, 1967
Paintings 1960s

Nicholas Krushenick

The Battle of Bull Run, 1963
Paintings 1960s

Alfred Jensen

Atlantis, Per II, 1965
Paintings 1960s

Victor Vasarely

Toll (from the Permutations Series), 1965
Furniture 1950s 1960s

George Nelson

MAA Swaged Leg Lounge Chair, 1958
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