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Paintings 1980s

Catherine Murphy

Nighttime Self-Portrait, 1985
Paintings 1980s

Jim Dine

The Heart at Sea (in a Non-Secular Way), 1981
Paintings 1980s

Sam Francis

Untitled, 1985
Prints 1980s

Andy Warhol

Karen Kain, 1980
Prints 1980s

Daniel Libeskind

Plate I (of the Vertical Series) for the folio Chamber Works: Architectural Meditations on Themes from Heraclitus, 1983
Sculpture Textiles 1980s

Anne Wilson

Bull's Roar, 1986
Photography 1980s

John Coplans

Self Portrait (Back and Hands), 1984
Sculpture 1980s

Duane Hanson

Bodybuilder, 1989
Sculpture 1980s

James Surls

Long Distance, 1987
Sculpture 1980s

Donald Lipski

Building Steam No. 121, 1983
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