Bleachers are inherently linked to both community and intimacy. On top of the bleachers, you have the raucousness of fandom that brings people together for the love of the game. Underneath, the bleachers are where whispered voices and more intimate interactions happen. Bleacher Talks activate the temporary sculpture The Kiss, featuring two bleachers borrowed from Cranbrook Schools campus. Typically staged on opposing sides of the field, Winston brings them together to bridge a conversation within Tyrrell Winston: A Tiger’s Stripes, join us for an intimate exchange of ideas between Tyrrell Winston and Chief Curator, Laura Mott.

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California-born, Detroit-based artist Tyrrell Winston’s artwork is a result of years of collecting, organizing, and reconfiguring discarded objects. Winston has obsessively collected found objects from the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn and now Detroit, as a public service, examination of, and fascination with the permanent energy left behind within the objects. Winston’s work also revolves around drawing parallels in the absurdity between the symbolism of contrasting objects. The intentional mixture of these elements examine hope and hopelessness, resurrection and regeneration, vitality and recklessness. 

Winston is well known for his basketball wall sculptures that explore the concept of embedded history and how an object’s past can become abstracted. All of the basketballs in this series are found objects which Tyrrell manipulates into sculptural shapes as he links them together into a set of predetermined compositions. In an age where connections are intangible and we’ve lost sight of material consequence, Winston’s assemblages are a reminder that the things we neglect don’t disappear simply because we’ve moved on. His works nudge us to remember the persistent energy that remains within seemingly insignificant records of human existence. 

Winston’s new sculptural works from outdoor bleachers, serve as a forum for conversations, transforming the object’s typical function of seating opposing teams into a space of dialogue and creative exchange. 

Laura Mott is the Chief Curator of Cranbrook Art Museum.  She joined the museum in November 2013 following an active career as a curator and lecturer in both the United States and Europe. A selection of recent exhibitions includes Tunde Olaniran: Made A Universe (2022), Olga de Amaral: To Weave A Rock (2021), Allie McGhee: Banana Moon Horn (2021), Shapershifters: Transformations in Contemporary Art (2020), Landlord Colors: On Art, Economy, and Materiality (2019), The Truth Is I Hear You (2016), Nick Cave: Here Hear (2015). Previously, she has held various curatorial positions at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, Gothenburg Konsthall, IASPIS in Stockholm, Mission 17 in San Francisco, and The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. In 2016, she was the recipient of a Warhol Curatorial Fellowship. 


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