Join 4D Design Artist-in-Residence Carla Diana (3D Design ’00) for a tour of Cranbrook Academy of Art’s newest department.  Attendees will enjoy a virtual tour of the recently built space, the technologies housed inside, and have an opportunity to engage with Carla in a conversation about the current work being produced by 4D students.

For more information on Carla Diana and the 4D Design program at Cranbrook Academy of Art, click here.

Free for active Cranbrook ArtMembers, become an ArtMember today! Hosted via Zoom, link to be provided by email after registration. 


Conversations with Cranbrook: An Exclusive ArtMembers’ Series  

ArtMembers are invited to participate in a virtual conversation series exploring the current offerings of Cranbrook’s Art community.  This series provides participants unique, behind-the-scenes discussions reflecting on Cranbrook’s legacy in art, design, and architecture while also learning from Cranbrook Art Museum curators, Cranbrook Academy of Art Artists-in-Residence, and others helping to shape the future of Cranbrook Art.

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