Cranbrook Art Museum will host a free cyanotype constellation-making activity based on the artwork Finding Freedom by Sonya Clark. Each participant will create their own constellation fabric square to bring home using the sun and seeds. Finding Freedom is on view at Cranbrook Art Museum until September 24, 2023, as part of the exhibition Sonya Clark: We Are Each Other.

Uncle JB’s Garden was designed by Home of Serenity to create a safe place for the community to learn, restore/build health, and to practice teamwork. Uncle JB was a lively hearing-impaired Army Veteran who loved dancing to music. He was also very skilled at building homes from the ground up and played a major role in maintaining the family farm.

Public programs associated with Sonya Clark: We Are Each Other at Cranbrook Art Museum are supported by the Gilbert Family Foundation, the Michigan Arts and Culture Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts.