Declare your love for art with a special Free Third Thursday art making activity! Join us to celebrate Hearts for Art Week by making a block printed card for your loved ones in the ArtLab or join a free Collections Wing Tour with a Cranbrook Couples theme. Hear more about the artists who met, fell in love and created together at Cranbrook. The first-come, first-served 30-minute tours will occur at 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm, advanced registration is not necessary, participants may sign up for a tour slot upon arrival to the front desk.  


You can also head over to Cranbrook Institute of Science for free admission between 5pm and 8pm! Since this Third Thursday falls just after Valentine’s Day, CIS will add a splash of science to the holiday:

Investigate attraction with experiments in static electricity, and a hair-raising encounter with the Van de Graff generator.

Use chemistry to write secret messages that appear and disappear again and again.

Find your heartbeat and send it racing!

Free Third Thursdays is a program sponsored by the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan.