Join us for an open house-style artist’s reception to meet and mingle with artists featured in the exhibition Homebody, now on view on the lower level. Associate Curator of Collections, Kat Goffnett will speak briefly about the exhibition at 6:30pm. 

Homebody is rooted in a desire to unpack the layers of “home” by placing in conversation artistic interpretations of its complex meaning. Some artists look back through time and render icons of familial history to visualize home’s ancestral connections. Concepts of home are also considered from national and ethnographic points of view and explore the perspectives of those who straddle two homes, often a world apart. Others reimagine and recontextualize traditional objects of comfort and utility, tapping into the domestic space as a microcosm of a tumultuous capitalistic society. The division between the public and private realm is questioned through the impact of technology’s increasingly porous borders. Furthermore, artists also contemplate a connection to home through the spaces we personalize, the objects we ritualize, and the sense of belonging in our own skin, approaching home from a bodily perspective.  

All the artists featured in the exhibition have ties to Detroit, which grants Homebody a local resonance. Delving into connotations of nostalgia, alienation, and perpetual longing, Homebody unravels the ambiguous term of “home” from a multitude of perspectives, reflecting the complexity of the word itself. 


Free and open to the public with advanced registration, refreshments available for purchase. Please register using the form below.

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