The word ‘findings’ has multiple meanings. It is commonly used to describe the outcome of research, investigation or a discovery however it also refers to the small tools and various materials used by an artisan: a jeweller’s findings.

Manon van Kouswijk is a Dutch artist and contemporary jeweller who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. She studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where she held the position of Head of the Jewellery Department before relocating to Australia in 2010. Her working methodology is based on exploring and translating the archetypal forms and motifs of jewellery, and other objects that are closely related to the body, through a range of materials and processes that shift their reading. An integral aspect of her multidisciplinary practice is the framing and contextualizing of her work through the making of exhibitions and artist publications often in collaboration with other practitioners. Her most recent artist book is “Findings’, published in Melbourne in 2015. In this lecture she will present an overview of her practice, exhibitions and publications and talk about the ideas that underpin her work.

Sponsored by the Metalsmithing Department