Set, a series of improvisational performances including music, movement, and spoken word that directly responds to the exhibition James Benjamin Franklin: Full Circle. An energetic call and response across media, each performance explores the languages of continuous discovery through abstraction and improvisation.  Located within Larson gallery among the artworks, audiences will be immersed in a visual and auditory expression of joy, color, and introspection. RSVP for this performance using the form below.

Detroit musicians Dez Andrès (Mohogani Music) and Sam Beaubien (Will Sessions) are Double Vision. Electronic music with a deeply instrumental point of departure, Double Vision blends Andrés’ prolific career as a beat maker and musician with Beaubien’s refined skills as a musician and live music producer. Andrés is an electronic music and hip-hop producer who was raised playing congas, a skill passed down through his Cuban roots. Beaubien is a record producer and musician who grew up playing the trumpet and has a long-standing, deep appreciation for beat-driven music. Double Vision combines and elevates each musician’s skills through the use of improvisation with both electronic and analog live techniques. In a genre where the audience is accustomed to DJs playing pre-produced beats, Double Vision offers on-the-spot improvisations influenced by their environment in real-time.

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