The third and final rendition of our Set series, Set: Double Vision is an improvisational musical performance that directly responds to the exhibition James Benjamin Franklin: Full Circle.

Detroit musicians Dez Andrès (Mohogani Music) and Sam Beaubien (Will Sessions) are Double Vision. Electronic music with a deeply instrumental point of departure, Double Vision blends Andrés’ prolific career as a beat maker and musician with Beaubien’s refined skills as a musician and live music producer. 

Joining them will be saxophonist Marcus Elliot. A disciple of the Detroit music scene whose style spans improvisational music to electronic dance music, Elliot is deeply rooted in tradition while also embracing the future. 

In a genre where the audience is accustomed to DJs playing pre-produced beats, Double Vision offers on-the-spot improvisations influenced by their environment in real time.