The “Still” meditation for July 8 has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Join us for “Still” an interactive sound & movement meditation beneath Sonya Clark’s celestial quilt Finding Freedom in our North Gallery. Guided by Sojourner Zenobia and Sophiyah Elizabeth, “Still” invokes sun, salt, water, deep ocean, night sky, and silence to help awaken internal experiences of freedom. Through this elemental journey, guests are invited to honor the many ways stillness exists and is rooted in the African Diaspora. 


Detroit native, Sophiyah Elizabeth is a multi-sensory artist, sonic meditation practitioner + cultural conduit drawing inspiration from life’s design & the desire to raise awareness for collective liberation and spiritual reverence. She has studied musical & sound expression, acknowledging the energetic root of our interactions that inform our body, mind, and soul. Through community organizing and music production, her practice explores deepening connections for legacy building and overall wellness. She is the founder of Afro Moone a Detroit-based holistic resource providing integrative activation through advocacy design, media production, and accessible wellness resources for community care. She’s also the director of artist relations and Director of Programs for D.Cipher, a non-profit organization amplifying the Michigan music economy through artist development resources and event curation. Sophiyah’s passion for integration honors ancestral influence and radical sound design to convey messages of empowerment. 

Sojourner Zenobia (She/They), is an embodied sacred space facilitator and multidisciplinary performance artist and they are completely moved by being on this planet we call Earth. Sojourner facilitated a ritual and meditation practice space called “Stillness,” for over a decade. Through Stillness hundreds of BIPOC femmes and non-binary folk have deepened in connecting with ancestors, nature, and their personal gifts. Sojourner is currently exploring their own stillness by listening closely to how they receive information through the body and by trusting the immediate relationships in their life to be enough. They have curated rituals and retreats for countless Midwest organizations including Haji Healing Salon, John Kolher Arts Museum, Cards Against Humanities, and Enrich Chicago.  As a performer, they use meditation, ritual, storytelling, and somatic healing practices as, “now portals,” to reach across time and connect with ancestors, listen to the earth, and follow the wisdom of the body. Through deep presence and listening Sojourner collects movement, song, characters, and poetic narratives to create participatory, multi-sensory, and multi-media worlds that inspire truth, feeling, and play.