Exhibition Detail

2021 Graduate Degree Exhibition. Photo: Katie McGowan

2021 Graduate Degree Exhibition of Cranbrook Academy of Art

April 17, 2021 - May 16, 2021
Upper Galleries

The most innovative work from the next generation of architects, artists, and designers will be on display at the 2021 Graduate Degree Exhibition of Cranbrook Academy of Art. The Degree Exhibition showcases pieces that are the culmination of two years of studio work from a diverse group of graduates as they launch their careers.

The show opens to public on Sunday, April 18, with a special ArtMembers Preview Day on Saturday, April 17. In compliance with safety and health regulations, all visits must be scheduled in advance.

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Wade Meadors
Zofia Pietrowicz
Jessy Slim
Daniel Smith


Melika Abikenari
Zahra Almajidi
Nelly Anderson
Katelin Auman
Morgan Bouldes
Colby Charpentier
Shudi Chen
Zhuo Chen
Robert Crossno
Elisabeth Q. Diamond
Samantha Dienst
Demario Doston
Rebecca Frantz
John Gelardi
Neva Gruver
Danielle Gumbin
Nicole Gunning
Nathan Henry
Lauren Holden
Xianda Hu
Forrest Hudes
Kaylie Kaitschuck
Declan Knight
Brian Kovach
Kendal Kulley
Steven Kuypers
Maura Latty
Sijie Li
Yang Li
Grace Makuch
Sylvain Malfroy-Camine
Isabelle McCormick
Ian McLaughlin
Anne Meyer
Meredith Morrison
Clara Nulty
Bradley Oeschler
A. F. Oehmke
Jaeyeon Park
Rebekka Parker
Malik Purvis
Michael Rosales
Lindy Shewbridge
Elizabeth Shoby
Yuming Song
Dessislava Terzieva
Brach Tiller
Elysia Vandenbussche
Jake Vinson
Melissa Webb
Kevin Weeder
Sophia Wojnovich
Qualeasha Wood
Lindsey Woodward
Rence Xu
Megan Young
Alivia Zivich