Exhibition Detail

Tyrrell Winston, Neighborhood Star, 2020.

Tyrrell Winston: A Tiger's Stripes

June 18, 2022 - September 25, 2022
Upper Galleries

Tyrrell Winston is a self-taught, Brooklyn-based artist whose practice is rooted in themes of memory, nostalgia, found objects, and sport’s culture.  Perhaps best known for his gridded assemblages of found basketballs, Winston’s conceptually oriented work mines the material and cultural history of objects.  Winston’s particular focus on sports is, in part, because it is a collective act that society undertakes together.  A tiger has its own unique pattern of stripes; for many, a sports team of a city is like their own brazen stripes—a source of identity, pride, and legacy.

As part of a year-long residency for his first solo museum presentation, Winston has collected weathered and torn basketball nets from around Detroit and replaced them with new ones. In the series called Network, he will transform the worn nets into new dynamic textile artworks. Additionally, the exhibition will include site-specific Protection Paintings, which juxtapose found worn tarps and panels of glossy automotive paint, and a Michigan-based series of his Punishment Paintings, which replicate the autograph signatures of famous athletes, over and over again.

Tyrrell Winston: A Tiger’s Stripes is organized by Cranbrook Art Museum and curated by Laura Mott, Chief Curator. The project is supported by a residency facilitated by Library Street Collective.