2019 Spring Break Art Days are Monday, April 1st – Friday, April 5th (9am – 3pm).

Ages 4 and 5 can join us for MINI Spring Break Art Days – half day camps offering art  projects from 9-11am.

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This is a great way to try a mix of single day projects to see what piques their interest!
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APRIL 1, 2019

Exploring Color: Grades 1-4 (9am-3pm)
Mini Monday: Ages 4-5 (9-11am)

Explore the world of colorful hues, tints, and tones! Learn about color mixing in many different mediums and techniques – dyeing, painting, and printing!


APRIL 2, 2019
Sculpture Studio: Grades 1-4 (9am-3pm)
Mini Tuesday: Ages 4-5 (9-11am)

Construct architectural structures, figures, animals, mobiles and other assemblages in our Sculpture Studio. We’ll play with clay and build with reusable material, learning about form, proportion and design!


APRIL 3, 2019
Wearable Artworks: Grades 1-4 (9am-3pm)
Mini Wednesday: Ages 4-5 (9-11am)

Create wearable artworks, from masks to capes, bangles and baubles. You’ll leave camp in costume created from a range materials.


APRIL 4, 2019
Portraits and People: Grades 1-4 (9am-3pm)
Mini Thursday: Ages 4-5 (9-11am)

Take a closer look at figures in art – who they are, what they look like, and what’s their story? We’ll write, draw, paint and sculpt inspired by faces in our museum vault.


APRIL 5, 2019
Modern Masters: Grades 1-4 (9am-3pm)
Mini Friday: Ages 4-5 (9-11am)

Learn from masterpieces of modern art including Joseph Albers, Roy Lichtenstein, Bridget Riley, and Andy Warhol. Create artworks inspired by their techniques, colors, shapes, and scale.



Half-day (Ages 4-5): $45 per day (ArtMembers* $40)
Half-day camps meet for two hours (9am – 11am) with a short snack break.

Full-day camps (Grades 1-4): $85 per day (ArtMembers* $75)
Full-day camps meet from 9am – 3pm and include supervised lunch and time outdoors.

Extended Care is available from 3-6pm ($25/per day)

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