We appreciate your patience as we have remained closed for the past several months in order to help keep our community safe. We know many of you have continued to roam the grounds during this time and we are grateful that Cranbrook was able to continue to serve as a place of respite and inspiration during an extraordinary time. This has always been its intention.

We now look forward to welcoming you back into our gallery spaces and have spent this time creating a new exhibition that will showcase many remarkable objects from our collection that are not often on view.

As we have prepared for our reopening, we have taken into account state and local guidelines, held ongoing discussions with staff and museum colleagues (both nationally and internationally), and closely coordinated with teams across our entire campus. 

We have also modified the traditional gallery experience, allowing you to fully enjoy your visit while also keeping you safe. We ask that all visitors play a vital role in enabling a safe experience by observing appropriate social distancing, wearing face masks, and adhering to additional health and safety precautions. We will continue to provide virtual tours, family activities, and online programming for those who cannot or do not feel comfortable visiting at this time.

We recognize that circumstances may change, and we will continue to evaluate and update our policies as needed. We remain hopeful that we will be able to serve our public under the safest possible new conditions, which we all continue to grow accustomed to. 

We open to the public on July 22 and welcome all visitors.