Summer Exhibitions are Now Open!

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After many weeks of install, Cranbrook Art Museum was thrilled to unveil six new summer exhibitions over the weekend! Our team of preparators at the museum is truly outstanding, and it was a joy to watch all of the shows slowly come to life through all of their hard work. When I've had spare moments these past few weeks, I've taken the opportunity to walk through the galleries and photograph some of the installation for our Instagram page. Here are a few more highlights of the design and construction process:Beginnings of the purple rhombus didactic panel for Modern/ModernaModern/Moderna Screening RoomCranbrook Goes to the Movies, ready for object placementBust of a Chippewa Man and a stuffed Red Head DuckCurator Shoshana Resnikoff tests the lighting for the Kingswood School Cranbrook Tennis Championship Bowl in Cranbrook Goes to the MoviesWith objects inside their vitrines, the Movies installation evokes a moody specimen shelf!South Gallery, ...

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