Having some fun linking a sculpture to gardening | The Detroit News

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Scott Hocking leads trio of Detroit artists in new Cranbrook exhibit | The Detroit News

Bakpak Durden: Eye of HorusCranbrook Art Museum in the NewsJames Benjamin Franklin: Full CirclePress CoverageScott Hocking: Detroit Stories

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Cranbrook Art Museum Announces First Museum Retrospective of Detroit-based Artist Scott Hocking

Press ReleasesScott Hocking: Detroit Stories

Scott Hocking, Ziggurat East Summer 2, 2008. Installation at Fisher Body Plant 21, Detroit, Michigan. Archival ink jet print, 33 x 49.5 inches; Ed. of 11. Courtesy the artistScott Hocking: Detroit Stories Opens November 5, 2022Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Oct. 17, 2022 -- This fall, Cranbrook Art Museum will host the first museum retrospective of the Detroit-based artist Scott Hocking, whose long career of work spans sculpture and installation, and photography and video.Hocking has been living and working in Detroit for more than 25 years and is known for repurposing existing materials and found objects, which he uses in site-specific projects that delve into local histories and conditions of place.In the 2000s, Hocking gained international attention for his series of works in Detroit, where he assembled large-scale sculptures from the surrounding debris such as a giant egg-shaped sculpture made from stacking hundreds of pieces of slab marble found at Michigan Central ...

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Astonishing ‘Bone Black’ Metaphorically Depicts Detroit’s Once Roaring Economy With Forsaken Boats Slathered In Industrial Pigment, Dangling From Beams Of Blighted Building | Forbes

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