Tyrrell Winston got famous for using lost basketballs as art. Now, he’s leaving home to find what’s next. | USA Today

Cranbrook Art Museum in the NewsPress CoverageTyrrell Winston: A Tiger's Stripes

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Tyrrell Winston: A Tiger’s Stripes

Tyrrell Winston: A Tiger's Stripes

Every tiger has its own pattern of stripes. For artist Tyrrell Winston, the concept of a tiger’s stripes translates to the unique identity, pride, and legacy many feel about their favorite sports team. Best known for his gridded assemblages of found basketballs, Winston’s work is rooted in themes of memory, nostalgia, found objects, and sports culture. His particular focus on sports is, in part, because it is a collective act that society undertakes together.Cranbrook Art Museum is hosting Winston’s first solo museum presentation. A Detroit-based artist, Winston collected weathered and torn basketball nets from around the city for his series, Network. He replaced old nets with new ones and transformed the worn nets into new dynamic textile works. He has created a new series of Protection Paintings, which juxtapose lacquered panels of metallic automotive paint and found discarded tarps (often used to protect cars from the elements), and a new Michigan-based ...

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