Nick Cave’s ‘Here Hear’ Citywide Interactive Installation in Detroit: An Exclusive Preview | Vulture / New York Magazine SEEN

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“As an art student,” says artist Nick Cave, “Detroit played a major role in my creative development.” He attended the Cranbrook Academy of Art on the outskirts of that city — graduating in 1989. While there, he took full advantage of the city’s incredible cultural heritage — from Berry Gordy’s Motown sound as well to burgeoning underground house music scene left a lasting impression. Now Cave, who is best known for his elaborately decorated, vibrantly colored “Soundsuits” and public happenings that incorporate rhythmic music and dancing, is returning to Detroit to stage"Here Hear," a seven-month-long series of performances, exhibitions, and “invasions.” For Cave, "Here Hear" aims to “jump-start” a creative renaissance happening throughout the city. What is happening in Detroit is complicated, intertwined with the fear that new people will bring gentrification, alienating and pricing out longtime residents. By bringing art to underserved communities through a mixture of spontaneous performances — what ...

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