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CRANBROOK SIGHTINGS: INSIDE THE VAULT William Morris A Collection of Seventy-Two Wallpaper Samples Designed 1864–1890, printed 1932, or earlier Printer: A. Sanderson and Sons, Ltd., London, England Hand-printed wood block prints in distemper colors on wove paper Gift of Mrs. William H. Hansen CAM 1991.17 You may remember this past spring when my colleague, Shoshana Resnikoff, wrote a blog post about May Morris's Bed Hangings in celebration of her birthday. Well today on the blog we take a look at her father, William Morris (1834–1896), designer, poet, novelist, socialist, translator of Icelandic sagas(!), and all-around creative visionary who shaped the Arts and Crafts movement in England and its many iterations throughout Europe and the United States.Pimpernel, designed 1876; Lily and Pomegranate, designed 1886.Morris despised the cheap, mass-manufactured goods and deteriorating social and labor conditions that characterized England after the Industrial Revolution, and reverted back to medieval visual language and production techniques in his art and design work as ...

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