Zoltan Sepeshy’s Mural on Beaver Island

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CRANBROOK SIGHTING #1 Sighter: Gregory Wittkopp Sighted: Zoltan Sepeshy, Hauling in the Nets, 1940 Location: Beaver Island, MI Date: August 18, 2012"Dad, have we ever gone on a vacation without visiting a museum?” My daughter, who now is a college Junior, asked me that question some ten or twelve years ago. While I don’t remember where we were when she asked the question, I do remember the answer:  “Probably not.” So here I am on vacation on Beaver Island, a relatively remote island in the middle of northern Lake Michigan, writing my first blog entry for Cranbrook Art Museum. And yes, my daughter and I are in a museum, the island’s Maritime Museum, sitting in front of a large mural by none other than Cranbrook Academy of Art’s second president, Zoltan Sepeshy. To get an idea of how incongruous this Cranbrook “sighting” really is, you need to get a sense of the context. While quite large ...

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